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About Tokyo Bright Gallery

​On May 1, 2022, a gallery "TOKYO BRIGHT GALLERY" was established by 10 photographers.

In today's world, where the act of taking pictures has become easier than it was a decade ago, photography has become a part of everyday life. Photos are overflowing on SNS, and I think that we have entered an era in which anyone can feel free to become an artist.


On the other hand, however, photography is consumed and buried in a rapidly changing world.

The 11 photographers who belong to the gallery looked at the world through photography, and established the gallery in search of a place to spend time facing photographic expression.


Just as our eyes perceive objects when particles of light hit them, we named the gallery "TOKYO BRIGHT GALLERY" with the desire to perceive the world through photographs.


梅谷 隆介 【Ryusuke Umeya】

 Born in Japan. Graduated from the Nihon-University College of Law and Nippon Photography Institute.
I am shooting Japan from the perspective of "urban and country areas", "weekday and holiday".  Study myths and youkai culture. 
2020 Solo exhibition in Nikon salon Ginza Tokyo & Umeda Osaka. 
2019 Group exhibition in Fotofever Paris Louvre. 
2017 Self-produced and exhibited The"Locker Room Gallery" in Tokyo. 
The Japan Advertising Photography Awards 3times honorable, 
The International Photography Awards 3times honorable, 
Prix de la Photographie Paris 3times honorable.


小園井 和生 【Kazuki Osonoi】​

2016 Graduated from overseas fieldwork course at Nippon Photography Institute

2023  The border which I traced  tokyobrightgallery

2023  2015-2018 IZU tokyobrightgallery
2023  See the west tokyobrightgallery
2023  APA Awards  Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
2022  landscape saturation TOKYO bright gallery
2019  that existed there See the West    Meguro Museum of Art Gallery
2018  Exhibition Kazuki Osonoi 「A mass of water」 Pictorico Gallery Omotesando
2017  Wonder Foto Awards  黄亜紀賞  Taiwan
2017  Wonder Foto Awards Exhibition   Taiwan
2017  Exhibition Wonder Foto Day Awards  谷居GuJU Taiwan


川畑 嘉文 【Yoshifumi Kawabata】


Graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2000, majoring in international politics


2022 Tokyo Documentary Photo 2021 (Kichijouji Gallery, Tokyo)

2021 Tokyo Documentary Photo 2021 (GALLERY KAI, Tokyo)

2021 19th Chiba City Arts and Culture Newcomer Award

2021 The reality of the world photographed by a photojournalist (new review) will be published

2019 IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) Japan Award 2018 Encouragement Award

2018 "Displaced: unknown hardship of Syrian refugees"

              Canon Gallery Ginza, Nagoya, Osaka 

2017 DAYS International Photojournalism Awards Public Prize

​2016 17th Ueno Hikoma Award Kyushu Sangyo University Award

2014 The world seen by a photojournalist (new review) published

2014 39th JPS (Japan Professional Photographers Society) Exhibition Gold Award


Koyata Saito

1986 Born in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

2008 Graduated from overseas fieldwork course at Nippon Photography Institute


2022 EPSIT Imaging Gallery

2019 Site Aoyama "BAUM VOL,1 Botanical Encyclopedia"

2019 ``Sandy Mandy Ram - Last House-'' CANON Gallery Ginza, Osaka

2019 Photo fever in Paris "Tokyo Documentary Photo"


2018 fotofever Paris 2019

2013 Nikon Salon Shinjuku/Osaka "Eternal Garden"


​冨永 晋 【Shin Tominaga】

1978 Born in Miyazaki Prefecture

2000 Graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration, Hosei University

2002 Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute


2022 ten years after -FUKUSHIMA- (GALLERY 722, Okayama)


2012 one year after -FUKUSHIMA- (Kichijouji Gallery, Tokyo)

2016 Territory of Zero (Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Art, Miyazaki)

2013 Distant Memory (Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Osaka) Nikon Salon Juna 21 Award

2012 Young Portfolio 2011, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMoPA)

2011 Zero Degree Territory (Konica Minolta plaza, Tokyo) Konica Minolta FOTO PREMIO Award

           City of Silence -FUKUSHIMA- (Art Space Irozora, Miyazaki Prefecture)


原田 義治 【Yoshiharu Harada】

1992 Born in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.

2018 Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute


Naoki Fukushima 

1991 Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
2014 Graduated from the Department of International Culture, Faculty of International Relations, Chubu University

2017 Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute


2021 Shiosai no Machi Satellite Kitchen, Wivanest Penguin

2020 fotofever in Kichijoji Kichijouji Gallery 2020 FilmEra Hanzan Gallery
2018 Shiosai no Machi point weather
2018 Street corner slide show Sumidagawa Terrace
2018 topaz (group exhibition) SOTA/NYgallery


丸山 耕 【Ko Maruyama】

Born in Chiba in 1972 Lives in Tokyo

1995 Graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Seikei University


A photographer who continues to shoot in Africa, mainly in Kenya.

His important themes are inherent inequality and economic disparity, and he collects data from the perspective of a socially vulnerable position. He has been working as a freelancer since 2003, covering civil wars in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the independence of South Sudan in 2011, and refugees living on the border with Sudan. He has also visited and photographed impoverished areas such as Uganda's orphanages and Kenya's slums on numerous occasions.

He is currently shooting while supporting chronically ill children in Kenya.

2021 Tokyo Documentary Photo 2021 (Hanzan Gallery)

2020 Tokyo Documentary Photo 2020 (Kichijouji Gallery)

2020 South Sudan ~At the End of Hope~ (Canon Gallery Ginza, Osaka)

2019 fotofever paris 2019 (Paris, France)

             Tokyo Documentary Photo 2019 (GALLERY KAI)

2018 fotofever paris 2018 (Paris, France)

            "Tokyo Documentary Photo 2018" (Kichijoji Gallery)

2017 fotofever paris 2017 (Paris, France)

               Tokyo Documentary Photo 2017 (Kichijouji Gallery)

2014 Nikkei National Geographic Photography Award People Category Excellence Award

2011 12th Ueno Hikoma Award, Encouragement Award of the Japan Society for Photographic Art

2011 IFJ Japan Prize Encouragement Award

2010 Winning the 11th Ueno Hikoma Award

2008 9th Ueno Hikoma Award Kyushu Sangyo University Award


山口 宗一郎 【Soichiro Yamaguchi】


1993 Born in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture. Shortly after birth, he moved to Saitama Prefecture. Currently living in Saitama.

2015 Dropped out of the Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Oceanography, Tokai University

2019 Graduated from Photo Fieldwork Course, Nippon Photography Institute ​


2018 BANK BED GALLERY group exhibition "Uncommon"

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